BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBase: Add more emojiselectrikmilk5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysBase: Add more emojisHEADmasterelectrikmilk
5 daysLibWeb: Teach StyleComputer about "Automatic Box Type Transformation"Andreas Kling
5 daysKernel: Include slabheaps in kmalloc statisticsIdan Horowitz
5 daysKernel: Make DiskCache::ensure OOM-fallible using ErrorOrIdan Horowitz
5 daysUtilities/readelf: Add support for printing the content of sectionsDaniel Bertalan
5 daysToolchain: Add support for building the userland with the mold linkerDaniel Bertalan
5 daysToolchain: Backport support for the mold linkerDaniel Bertalan
5 daysToolchain+Ports: Use the GNU hash format by defaultDaniel Bertalan
5 daysKernel+Toolchain: Use `.init_array` section for global constructorsDaniel Bertalan
5 daysmktemp: Port to LibMainKenneth Myhra