AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-20Remove leftover hardcoded Finch namefinch_everywhereMark Felder
2022-01-15WIP: Automatic failover to hackney on socks5 proxy detectionrinpatch
2022-01-15Start Finch normally and use a proper namerinpatch
2022-01-15We don't need a special HTTP client definition for Tzdata, and Finch won't wo...Mark Felder
2022-01-15Remove pools from description.exs for AdminFE / ConfigDBMark Felder
2022-01-15Bring back :send_user_agent for test env only.Mark Felder
2022-01-15Fix the remaining reverse proxy tests which are still relevantMark Felder
2022-01-15We should keep the expires header too. If cache-control is also served, expir...Mark Felder
2022-01-15mix formatMark Felder
2022-01-15Tests WIPMark Felder
2022-01-15Remove the Hackney follow_redirectMark Felder
2022-01-15Finch everywhereMark Felder
2022-01-14Merge branch 'show_blockers_visible' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-14Add blockers_visible to features list when it's enabledNEETzsche
2022-01-14Merge branch 'mergeback' into 'develop'rinpatch
2022-01-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into mergebackAlex Gleason
2022-01-13Merge branch 'account-endorsements' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-12Add more testsmarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-12WIP account endorsementsmarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-11Merge branch 'release/2.4.2' into 'stable'v2.4.2rinpatch
2022-01-11CI: Conservatively update release images so they keep building.release/2.4.2Lain Soykaf
2022-01-11CI: Upload the image for all platformsLain Soykaf
2022-01-11Pleroma-FE bundle: update to b13d8f7e6339e877a38a28008630dc8ec64abcdfrinpatch
2022-01-11mix.lock: sync with mix.exsrinpatch
2022-01-11Add 2.4.2 changelog entry and bump mix versionrinpatch
2022-01-11Merge branch 'fix/rich-media-test-escape-unicrud' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-11Merge branch 'pleroma-result-1_13' into 'develop'lain
2022-01-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into account-endorsementsmarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-10Merge branch 'fix/rich-media-test-escape-unicrud' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-10Escape unicode RTL overrides in rich media parser testsfix/rich-media-test-escape-unicrudrinpatch
2022-01-10Merge branch 'update-hackney' into 'develop'lain
2022-01-07Merge branch 'api-docs-fixes' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-07Docs: fix various Pleroma API endpoints paths, fix MFA responseAlex Gleason
2022-01-02Merge branch 'change/web-push-encryption-dep' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-01Upgrade web_push_encryption to 0.3.1Sean King
2022-01-01Merge branch 'change/concurrent-limiter-dep' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-01Change concurrent_limiter to Hex PM version 0.1.1Sean King
2021-12-31Merge branch 'erratic-streamer-test' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2021-12-31StreamerTest: tag erratic testAlex Gleason
2021-12-30Merge branch 'more-efficient-ci' into 'develop'lain
2021-12-29Merge branch 'chore/user-relationships-target-id-rel-type-index' into 'develop'lain
2021-12-29`mix format`Ivan Tashkinov
2021-12-29Added index on [:target_id, :relationship_type] to :user_relationships (speed...Ivan Tashkinov
2021-12-28Merge branch 'changelog' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2021-12-28Update CHANGELOG.mdAlex Gleason
2021-12-28Merge branch 'mastodon-lookup' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2021-12-28AccountController.lookup: skip authmarcin mikołajczak
2021-12-28AccountController.lookup: skip visibility checkmarcin mikołajczak
2021-12-28wipmarcin mikołajczak
2021-12-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into mastodon-lookupmarcin mikołajczak