AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-20Bump Finch versionfinch_everywhereMark Felder
2022-12-20Bad rebase, revert to develop branch versionMark Felder
2022-12-20Remove leftover Gun connection pool testMark Felder
2022-12-20We don't need a special HTTP client definition for Tzdata, and Finch won't wo...Mark Felder
2022-12-20Remove pools from description.exs for AdminFE / ConfigDBMark Felder
2022-12-20Bring back :send_user_agent for test env only.Mark Felder
2022-12-20Fix the remaining reverse proxy tests which are still relevantMark Felder
2022-12-20We should keep the expires header too. If cache-control is also served, expir...Mark Felder
2022-12-20mix formatMark Felder
2022-12-20Tests WIPMark Felder
2022-12-20Remove the Hackney follow_redirectMark Felder
2022-12-20Finch everywhereMark Felder
2022-12-20Merge branch 'deletion-resilience' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-20Merge branch 'doc_readme_nixos' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-20Merge branch 'from/upstream/develop/tusooa/mrf-updates' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-20Merge branch 'fix/2980-rss-feed-generation' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-19Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/2980-rss-feed-generation'lain
2022-12-19Merge branch 'fix-twittercard-tags' into 'develop'feld
2022-12-19Fix TwitterCard meta tagsMark Felder
2022-12-19use to_rfc2822 instead of pub_date in tests, toofaried nawaz
2022-12-19document rss/atom fix in changelogfaried nawaz
2022-12-19modify user feed controller test to expect summary for titlefaried nawaz
2022-12-19remove pub_date() -- use to_rfc2822 insteadfaried nawaz
2022-12-19remove ap_id test -- the element makes the feed breakfaried nawaz
2022-12-19fix: add xmlns:thr for in-reply-to refsfaried nawaz
2022-12-19fix: feed item title was escaped twicefaried nawaz
2022-12-19Implement RFC2822 timestamp formattingMark Felder
2022-12-19fix atom and rss feeds for users and tagsfaried nawaz
2022-12-16Merge branch 'fix-amd64-musl' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-16CI: Fix image for amd64-muslLain Soykaf
2022-12-16Merge branch 'weblate-extract' into 'develop'tusooa
2022-12-16Extract translatable stringsweblate-extractor
2022-12-16Merge branch 'fix-2856' into 'develop'tusooa
2022-12-16Merge branch 'update-deps' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-15Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/register-approval' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-15AudioVideoValidator: Fix embedded attachment requirementsLain Soykaf
2022-12-15StatusView: Fix warningLain Soykaf
2022-12-15AttachmentValidator: Actually require urlLain Soykaf
2022-12-15Merge branch 'develop' of into update-depsLain Soykaf
2022-12-15Make SimplePolicy Update-awaretusooa
2022-12-15Make TagPolicy Update-awaretusooa
2022-12-14Fix failure when registering a user with no email when approval requiredtusooa
2022-12-11Return 413 when an actor's banner or background exceeds the size limitduponin
2022-12-11Uploading an avatar media exceeding max size returns a 413duponin
2022-12-09Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/report-fake' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2022-12-08Add tests for flagging non-Create activitiestusooa
2022-12-06Merge branch 'release-template' into 'develop'tusooa
2022-12-06Merge branch 'jrabbit-develop-patch-67125' into 'develop'lain
2022-12-06reccomend tagged releases over pulling stablejrabbit
2022-12-05Merge branch 'ci/amd64-build-tags' into 'develop'Haelwenn