AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-29* include/mach/memory_object.h: Add MEMORY_OBJECT_COPY_VMPRIV to mark objects...k0ro/advisory_pageout/masterSergio Lopez
2011-11-27Keep frame pointer when debugger is enabledSamuel Thibault
2011-10-16Merge branch 'master' of callisto:gnumachSamuel Thibault
2011-10-16Do not map xen driver pagesSamuel Thibault
2011-10-16Increase kmem area for the Xen case.Samuel Thibault
2011-10-10Raise block device interrupt level to SPL6Samuel Thibault
2011-10-10Raise Linux kmem memory sizeSamuel Thibault
2011-10-10Leave interrupts enabled in sym53c8xx driverSamuel Thibault
2011-10-09Define BITS_PER_LONG for Linux codeSamuel Thibault
2011-10-08Add sym53c8xx driver from linux 2.2Samuel Thibault
2011-09-28fix copy out-of-line data when length >= 512MBSergio Lopez
2011-09-28Make thread_suspend honor the TH_UNINT flagSergio López
2011-09-12Remove unused [!MACH_KERNEL] driver codeGuillem Jover
2011-09-09Merge branch 'master' of Thibault
2011-09-09Do not take unused strpbrk() from libcGuillem Jover
2011-09-06* .gitignore: Tighten some rules, and distribute others to...Thomas Schwinge
2011-09-06* i386/i386/pcb.h (stack_attach): Parameterize the continuation parameter'sThomas Schwinge
2011-09-06Move i386/i386/locore.S declarations.Thomas Schwinge
2011-09-06Further prototyping work for memory_object_proxy.c functions.Thomas Schwinge
2011-09-05Drop module memory free verbositySamuel Thibault
2011-09-05Free memory used by boot modulesSamuel Thibault
2011-09-03Add prototypes for memory_object_proxy.c functionsFridolín Pokorný
2011-09-03Merge branch 'master' of Thibault
2011-09-02Remove long obsolete RPC routinesGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Do not remap errno codes from E* to LINUX_E*Guillem Jover
2011-09-02Use Mach native error codes instead of POSIX errno E* onesGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Change argument name to match function body usageGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Disable set but unused variableGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Remove set but unused variablesGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Cast addr argument to vm_offset_tGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Add vsnprintf prototypeGuillem Jover
2011-09-02Add missing headersGuillem Jover
2011-09-01Add missing header file to the distribution.Ludovic Courtès
2011-09-01Fix documentationSamuel Thibault
2011-09-01Close kernel stacks.Samuel Thibault
2011-09-01Fix PC samplingSamuel Thibault
2011-08-31Add silent rules support if available and disable it by defaultGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Optimize copyout pathSamuel Thibault
2011-08-31Fix copyout retry on lazy allocation on >= i486Samuel Thibault
2011-08-31Disable global page while writing in kernel spaceSamuel Thibault
2011-08-31Protect set_cr3 against compiler assignment optimizationsSamuel Thibault
2011-08-31Fix undefined operation on assigning self pre-incremented variableGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Honour type promotion on variable argument handlingGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Correct MiG Mach types to fix compilation warningsGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Denote __exit symbols as usedGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Move <linux/init.h> from linux/pcmcia-cs to linux/srcGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Import Linux 3.1 compiler definitionsGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Import Linux 3.1 ctype codeGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Remove unused and non-functional string specialization headerGuillem Jover
2011-08-31Fix memcmp prototypeGuillem Jover