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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-21Add command line argument to print the final board as a scheme objectRobby Zambito
2022-01-21Fleshed out Scheme primitivesRobby Zambito
2022-01-18* Made print_board accept a board to print.Robby Zambito
2022-01-17Successfully read a move from schemeRobby Zambito
2022-01-05Open strategy files and pass them to the game loopRobby Zambito
2021-12-29Started parsing argumentsRobby Zambito
2021-12-29Do not pass board aroundRobby Zambito
2021-11-25Add empty statements to supress unused waringRobby Zambito
2021-11-21Added _GNU_SOURCE to every fileRobby Zambito
2021-08-31Add GPLv3 and add copyright notice to each file.Robby Zambito
2021-07-25Replaced player_color type with equivalent player_color enumRobby Zambito
2021-07-25Return player_color from game_loop rather than char.Robby Zambito
2021-07-25Removed commented codeRobby Zambito
2021-07-25Initial commitRobby Zambito