BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
guile-playerAdded a slightly more interesting AIRobby Zambito2 years
masterAdded move constructor and extract row and colRobby Zambito2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-25Added move constructor and extract row and colHEADmasterRobby Zambito
2022-01-25Removed unused procedureRobby Zambito
2022-01-23Aligned whitespaceRobby Zambito
2022-01-23Added strategy which will weigh possible moves based on conditionsRobby Zambito
2022-01-23Highlight the previous move.Robby Zambito
2022-01-23Simplified ints used to count the num flipped by a moveRobby Zambito
2022-01-22Added a README that describes the available primitives from Scheme.Robby Zambito
2022-01-22Correctly return the player from scm_get_winnerRobby Zambito
2022-01-22Removed unused command from help outputRobby Zambito
2022-01-22Print the board when the user is prompted.Robby Zambito