BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.1-releaseRevert "Update output manager config on all output events"Drew DeVault3 years
masterswaynag: remove buffer destruction conditionKirill Primak5 days
v1.0Fix click behaviourRyan Dwyer3 years
v1.2Update version to 1.2Drew DeVault2 years
v1.3Update version to 1.4Drew DeVault2 years
v1.5Use wlroots 0.12.0 for v1.5 CIPedro CĂ´rte-Real8 months
v1.6desktop/render: remove unused wlr_gles2_texture_attribsSimon Ser6 months
v1.7build: bump version to 1.7Simon Ser6 days
1.7commit 5543acff06...Simon Ser6 days
1.7-rc3commit ab11f40479...Simon Ser12 days
1.7-rc2commit 6859861998...Simon Ser3 weeks
1.7-rc1commit 0e5dda3747...Simon Ser5 weeks
1.6.1commit 3b1effdfa5...Simon Ser7 months
1.6commit be4b92c6b1...Simon Ser10 months
1.6-rc3commit 8a49a296f6...Simon Ser10 months
1.6-rc2commit a9563a3710...Simon Ser10 months
1.6-rc1commit adf7a6f892...Simon Ser10 months
1.5.1commit eca57594a0...Simon Ser15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysswaynag: remove buffer destruction conditionHEADmasterKirill Primak
6 daysinput/cursor: pass through pointer hold gesturesTudor Brindus
6 dayscmd/swap: error on swapping a container with itselfRonan Pigott
10 daystray: do not render passive itemsTobias Bengfort
10 daysbuild: execute wlroots subproject before finding depsSimon Ser
10 daystransaction: destroying nodes aren't hiddenRouven Czerwinski
11 daystreat fullscreen windows as 'tiled' for commands/focusPatrick Hilhorst
11 daysinput/cursor: treat swipe begin as idle activity tooTudor Brindus
11 daysinput/cursor: count pointer gestures as idle activityTudor Brindus
12 dayscommands/focus: drop trailing whitespaceSimon Ser