BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feat/rgb_sleepAdd RGB Sleep toggle featureDrashna Jael're18 months
firmware17fix: missing deprecated swedish key codeFlorian Didron22 months
firmware18Update repo name in README (#307)Andrés Mejía17 months
firmware19[Keyboard] Disable Console on Planck EZ and MoonlanderDrashna Jael're13 months
firmware20fix: some ukrainian key mappingsFlorian Didron2 weeks
firmware21Update build workflowDrashna Jael're7 days
fix/lto_issuesDisable optimization on moonlander led taskDrashna Jael're16 months
fix/rgb_matrix_initInit RGB Matrix laterDrashna Jael're18 months
keyboard/planck_ez_custom_animationImplement RGB Matrix Effects as custom animationDrashna Jael're23 months
landing_padAdd mouse layeringDrashna Jael're7 weeks
Firmware20commit b2e9489485...Erovia12 months
0.11.57commit 6bec7fb3fe...Ryan12 months
0.11.56commit d02c4c5241...Zach White12 months
0.11.55commit bad9592a18...Joshua Diamond12 months
0.11.54commit c27f16158d...Takeshi ISHII12 months
0.11.53commit eba512596a...Ryan12 months
0.11.52commit 71f067a60e...Takeshi Nishio12 months
0.11.51commit 49dcc824db...Nick Brassel12 months
0.11.50commit e524e0a397...Nick Brassel12 months
0.11.49commit 3d70766327...kb-elmo12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-13fix: some ukrainian key mappingsHEADfirmware20Florian Didron
2021-12-27fix: slovak keycode redefinitionFlorian Didron
2021-12-27Merge branch 'firmware20' of into firmware20Florian Didron
2021-12-27feat: adds croation / slovak / turkish keymapsFlorian Didron
2021-10-29fix bug that limits number of tap dances to 128 (#342)Drashna Jaelre
2021-08-16feat: adds latam < > macOS bindingsFlorian Didron
2021-07-21fix: set usb version to 2.1.0 for webusbFlorian Didron
2021-07-08fix: caps lock indicator doesn't work on layer 1Florian Didron
2021-07-08Fix USB Descriptor issue with Endpoints (#340)Drashna Jaelre
2021-06-23fix: cms Ω mappingFlorian Didron