AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-20Revert changelog entry that leaked from another branch.Mark Felder
2021-02-20Merge branch 'fix/filters' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2021-02-20Document HeifToJpeg and its requirement of libheif's heic-convert toolMark Felder
2021-02-20Exiftool also cannot strip from heic files.Mark Felder
2021-02-20Show a proper error. A failure doesn't always mean the command isn't availabl...Mark Felder
2021-02-19Avoid unnecessary 500ms sleeps from CommonAPI.follow when the target user is ...Mark Felder
2021-02-18Permit :disclose_client in changesetsMark Felder
2021-02-18Tests to validate client disclosure obeys user settingMark Felder
2021-02-18Add field to user schema for controlling disclosure of client detailsMark Felder
2021-02-18Mastodon makes this field null when posting with MastoFE or if you choose to ...Mark Felder
2021-02-18expires_in in scheduled status paramsAlexander Strizhakov
2021-02-18Merge branch 'fix/chats-no-unread-in-openapi' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-17Merge branch 'feat/enforce-admin-scope-unconditionally' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2021-02-17OAuthScopesPlug: remove transform_scopes in favor of explicit admin scope def...rinpatch
2021-02-17OpenAPI: Add `admin:` scope prefix to admin operationsrinpatch
2021-02-17Remove `:auth, :enforce_oauth_admin_scope_usage`rinpatch
2021-02-17Enhance reports in Pleroma API: index, showHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
2021-02-17Merge branch 'test-docker-images' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-17Do not want these interfering with develop buildsMark Felder
2021-02-17Make it possible to generate custom docker images by prefixing the branch nam...Mark Felder
2021-02-17Merge branch 'chore/documentation-relicensing' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2021-02-17Merge branch 'feat/chat-list-pagination' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2021-02-17Merge branch 'remove-conversation-api' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-17Merge branch '2510-oauth-app-tokens-further-support' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-17Chats: Introduce /api/v2/pleroma/chats which implements paginationrinpatch
2021-02-17Merge branch 'update-default-avatar' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-16ChatMessage schema: Add `unread` propertyrinpatch
2021-02-16Merge branch '2053-notifications-actor-is-active-refactoring' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-16Relicense documentation under CC-BY-4.0rinpatch
2021-02-15Add API endpoint to remove a conversationEgor Kislitsyn
2021-02-15update changelog to mention change of avatarShpuld Shpuldson
2021-02-15replace avi.pngShpuld Shpuldson
2021-02-15Merge branch 'chore/mailmap' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-15Add myself to .mailmaprinpatch
2021-02-15[#2053] Changed `Notification/for_user_query/2` to use join to filter out ina...Ivan Tashkinov
2021-02-12Additional validation so we don't get caught off guard with a nil responseMark Felder
2021-02-12Inject fake application metadata and validate it is stripped by transmogrifierMark Felder
2021-02-12App is already preloaded into the token, so avoid an extra queryMark Felder
2021-02-12Merge branch 'not-used-mock' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-12Merge branch 'bugfix/answer-outbox' into 'develop'rinpatch
2021-02-11Use a custom oauth token so we can predict and validate the client_name and w...Mark Felder
2021-02-11Document the application metadata is now retained as part of the post.Mark Felder
2021-02-11Validate client application metadata is retained in the objectMark Felder
2021-02-11ConsistencyMark Felder
2021-02-11Revert to original formatting for these function defsMark Felder
2021-02-11Prefer naming this put_application because we're putting it into the params mapMark Felder
2021-02-11%Token{} may not be in the conn, so avoid breaking the ability to post status...Mark Felder
2021-02-11[#2510] Improved support for app-bound OAuth tokens. Auth-related refactoring.Ivan Tashkinov
2021-02-10not used mockAlexander Strizhakov
2021-02-10Merge branch 'fix/no-version-api-pleroma-social' into 'develop'Haelwenn