AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-23Merge branch 'release/2.2.1' into 'stable'v2.2.1lain
2020-12-23Fixtures: Add application actor fixture.lain
2020-12-23Merge branch 'release/2.2.1' of into relea...lain
2020-12-23Update changeloglain
2020-12-23Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)lain
2020-12-23Update frontendlain
2020-12-22Mix: Update version.lain
2020-12-22Update changeloglain
2020-12-22Report fixes.lain
2020-12-22Mix: Update linkify to 0.4.1lain
2020-12-22[#2301] Quick fix: users with is_discoverable == false (default!) are include...Ivan Tashkinov
2020-12-22fix for elixir 1.11Alexander Strizhakov
2020-12-22SideEffects: fix testlain
2020-12-22User: Remove left-over (wrong) fix.lain
2020-12-22User: Don't allow local users in remote changesetslain
2020-12-22Switch to a fork of Hackney 1.15.2 for now so we can have our URL normalizati...Mark Felder
2020-12-22Update changeloglain
2020-12-22Search: Only skip ordering the rum index.lain
2020-12-22Activity search: Fix order of resultslain
2020-12-22Document fixing the pleroma.user delete_activities mix taskMark Felder
2020-12-22Need to start web_resp cache or mix task failsMark Felder
2020-12-22Document S3 and Elixir 1.11 compat fixMark Felder
2020-12-22Fix S3 uploads with Elixir 1.11Mark Felder
2020-12-22pleroma.instance: Fix Exiftool module nameHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
2020-12-22remove PurgeExpiredActivity from Oban db configAlexander Strizhakov
2020-11-21Merge branch 'cherry-pick-a65fc78c' into 'stable'feld
2020-11-21Install file-dev in Dockerfile build stageMichael Walker
2020-11-21Merge branch 'libmagic' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-20Merge branch 'cherry-pick-8a7ee9fe' into 'stable'feld
2020-11-20Merge branch 'revert-da4660d2' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-18Update AdminFE build to pleroma/admin-fe@c18f167a124c31ab2e1dfbf432ac482b17c0...Mark Felder
2020-11-12Merge branch 'build-release/fix-release-builds' into 'stable'rinpatch
2020-11-12.gitlab-ci.yml: Add libmagic to installed packages for OTP releasesrinpatch
2020-11-12Merge branch 'release/2.2.0' into 'stable'v2.2.0rinpatch
2020-11-11pleroma-fe bundle: update to 8e87e3d88bef3691b625c0a25407aa08bdf983adrinpatch
2020-11-11Polish the changelog a bit and specify release daterinpatch
2020-11-11changes after rebaseAlexander Strizhakov Add an entry for the spoofing fixrinpatch
2020-11-05Merge branch 'fix/object-attachment-spoof' into 'develop'rinpatch
2020-11-05Merge branch '2236-no-name' into 'develop'Haelwenn
2020-11-05phoenix_controller_render_duration is no longer available in telemetry of Pho...Mark Felder
2020-11-05Merge branch 'ostatus-controller-no-auth-check-on-non-federating-instances' i...feld
2020-11-05Merge branch '1668-prometheus-access-restrictions' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-05Merge branch '2242-nsfw-case' into 'develop'rinpatch
2020-11-05Merge branch 'issue/2261' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-04Merge branch '2257-self-chat' into 'develop'rinpatch
2020-11-04Merge branch 'chore/elixir-1.11' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-04Merge branch 'instance-docs' into 'develop'feld
2020-11-04Merge branch 'tesla-get-to-pleroma' into 'develop'feld