AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-02Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into quote-postquote-postAlex Gleason
2022-02-02Merge branch 'roadhouse' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-02-02Tag erratic testAlex Gleason
2022-02-02Add tests for mismatched context in repliesAlex Gleason
2022-02-02Test that a Create/Note from Roadhouse validatesAlex Gleason
2022-02-02Test that a Note from Roadhouse validatesAlex Gleason
2022-02-01Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-02-01Birthdays: Fix outgoing federation of birth datesmarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-30InlineQuotePolicy: skip objects which already have an .inline-quote spanAlex Gleason
2022-01-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into quote-postAlex Gleason
2022-01-28Actually, don't send _misskey_quote anymoreAlex Gleason
2022-01-28InlineQuotePolicy: improve the way Markdown quotes are displayed by other sof...Alex Gleason
2022-01-28Handle Fedibird's new quoteUri fieldAlex Gleason
2022-01-28Transmogrifier: federate quotes with _misskey_quote fieldAlex Gleason
2022-01-28StatusView: return quote post inside a reblogAlex Gleason
2022-01-28Merge branch 'mention-mrf-md' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-27Add InlineQuotePolicy as a default MRFAlex Gleason
2022-01-27InlineQuotePolicy: don't add line breaks to markdown postsAlex Gleason
2022-01-27ForceMentionsInContent: improve display of Markdown postsAlex Gleason
2022-01-27Merge branch 'mentions-mrf-replies-only' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-26ForceMentionsInContent: don't apply it to top-level postsAlex Gleason
2022-01-26Merge branch 'fix-bot-policy' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-26ForceBotUnlistedPolicy: fix to stop unlisting my posts >:(bot
2022-01-26StatusView: add `quote_visible` paramAlex Gleason
2022-01-26StatusView: fix quote visibilityAlex Gleason
2022-01-26CommonAPI: disallow quoting private posts through the APIAlex Gleason
2022-01-25Merge branch 'inline-mention-self' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-25ForceMentionsInContent: don't mention selfAlex Gleason
2022-01-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into quote-postAlex Gleason
2022-01-25Merge branch 'recipients-inline' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-25Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-25ForceMentionsInContent: fix order of mentionsAlex Gleason
2022-01-25AccountView: Add test for show_birthdaymarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-25Fix show_birthdaymarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-25Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-25Birthdays: users_birthday_month_day_indexmarcin mikołajczak
2022-01-24ForceMentionsInContentTest: return mentions in a not terrible formatAlex Gleason
2022-01-24ForceMentionsInContent: simplify finding usersAlex Gleason
2022-01-24ForceMentionsInContent: wrap inline mentions with span tagAlex Gleason
2022-01-24ForceMentionsInContent: use `to` instead of `tag`Alex Gleason
2022-01-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into quote-postAlex Gleason
2022-01-24Add InlineQuotePolicy to force quote URLs inlineAlex Gleason
2022-01-24Scrubber.Default: allow span.quote-inline for quote post compatibilityAlex Gleason
2022-01-24Merge branch 'revert-6e27fc9c' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-24Revert "Merge branch 'log-slow-queries' into 'develop'"Alex Gleason
2022-01-23ActivityDraft: mix format, defensive actor IDAlex Gleason
2022-01-23ActivityDraft: mention the OP of a quoted postAlex Gleason
2022-01-23Return quote_url through the API, don't render quotes more than 1 level deepAlex Gleason
2022-01-23Merge branch 'preserve-mentions-order' into 'develop'Alex Gleason
2022-01-23Add a testmarcin mikołajczak