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@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ Has these additional fields under the `pleroma` object:
- `hide_followers_count`: boolean, true when the user has follower stat hiding enabled
- `hide_follows_count`: boolean, true when the user has follow stat hiding enabled
- `settings_store`: A generic map of settings for frontends. Opaque to the backend. Only returned in `/api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials` and `/api/v1/accounts/update_credentials`
-- `chat_token`: The token needed for Pleroma chat. Only returned in `/api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials`
+- `chat_token`: The token needed for Pleroma shoutbox. Only returned in `/api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials`
- `deactivated`: boolean, true when the user is deactivated
- `allow_following_move`: boolean, true when the user allows automatically follow moved following accounts
- `unread_conversation_count`: The count of unread conversations. Only returned to the account owner.