BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
assestsAdd files via uploadGhostNaN18 months
classicstderr was not playing niceGhostNaN18 months
masterImprove man pageGhostNaN2 months
1.2commit ff39897894...GhostNaN2 months
1.1commit 67482fc89d...GhostNaN14 months
1.0commit 86ecdb5e63...GhostNaN17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-15Improve man pageHEAD1.2masterGhostNaN
2021-11-08Add man pageGhostNaN
2021-11-07Fix options file overwriteGhostNaN
2021-10-30Merge pull request #14 from ZerdoX-x/patch-1GhostNaN
2021-10-30better place to install mpvpaperzerdox
2021-08-23Turn auto-next into slideshow optionGhostNaN
2021-06-03Add auto-next option and fix usage textGhostNaN
2020-12-26Move mpv options and force vo as libmpvGhostNaN
2020-12-12Define uint manuallyGhostNaN
2020-12-04Finishing touches for update 1.11.1GhostNaN