AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-09Set readtodc parameter 64bitv1.8+git20200309Samuel Thibault
2020-01-28Set time_t type to 64bitSamuel Thibault
2020-01-27doc: Fix mapped-time exampleSamuel Thibault
2020-01-01Cope with machine_info.memory_size overflowSamuel Thibault
2019-12-01i386: use 64bit precision by defaultSamuel Thibault
2019-11-12irq: Add disabling counterSamuel Thibault
2019-11-11PIC: Acknowledge interrupts more carefullySamuel Thibault
2019-11-11PIC: fix EOI valuesSamuel Thibault
2019-11-11intnull: Only warn once.Samuel Thibault
2019-11-10spl: Remove intpri arraySamuel Thibault
2019-11-10Make default boot less scarySamuel Thibault
2019-11-10Fix build warningSamuel Thibault
2019-11-10Run interrupt handlers at spl7Samuel Thibault
2019-11-10simplify interrupt handlingDamien Zammit
2019-11-10ide: Use default IRQ by defaultSamuel Thibault
2019-11-10spl: Squash levels 1-6 into level 7Damien Zammit
2019-11-10pmap: fix format warningsSamuel Thibault
2019-11-10Xen: fix bootSamuel Thibault
2019-11-01sched: cause ast on master processor tooSamuel Thibault
2019-10-31pit: fix buildSamuel Thibault
2019-10-31pit: avoid initializating several timesSamuel Thibault
2019-10-30Drop spurious changeSamuel Thibault
2019-10-27patch: add last_processor to thread info structuresAlmudena Garcia
2019-10-24Fix build with texinfo 6.7Luca Weiss
2019-09-06compiler-gcc*.h: Keep on the gcc 5 version for nowSamuel Thibault
2019-08-31satisfy 'werror=parantheses'.guy fleury iteriteka
2019-08-31Fix the pointer comparison of different type.guy fleury iteriteka
2019-08-31Add gcc-9 compatibilitySamuel Thibault
2019-08-30fix return KERN_INVALID_ARGUMENT when the map is NULL.guy fleury iteriteka
2019-08-11Fix formatSamuel Thibault
2019-08-11Fix formatSamuel Thibault
2019-08-11Fix allocation testSamuel Thibault
2019-08-11Fix printk formatSamuel Thibault
2019-08-11Fix printf formatSamuel Thibault
2019-08-11Fix uninitialized valueSamuel Thibault
2019-04-28Avoid calling biosmem with size 0Samuel Thibault
2019-04-28Avoid calling biosmem with size 0Samuel Thibault
2019-04-27ahci: Ignore multifunction bit in PCI header typeSamuel Thibault
2018-12-30Move -D__ASSEMBLY__ to general AM_CCASFLAGSSamuel Thibault
2018-12-05io_perm: Rename macro to better nameSamuel Thibault
2018-12-05Restrict access to PCI cfg io ports to one processDamien Zammit
2018-11-26Add GPLv3 license textKalle Olavi Niemitalo
2018-11-19Fix interactivity of inactive threadsSamuel Thibault
2018-11-19Fix task and thread collection frequencySamuel Thibault
2018-11-19Drop SIMPLE_CLOCK supportSamuel Thibault
2018-11-19Make scheduling more reactiveSamuel Thibault
2018-11-06build: Distribute tarball compressed with xz instead of bzip2Guillem Jover
2018-11-04Fix using all dynamic prioritiesSamuel Thibault
2018-11-03Add missing patch fileSamuel Thibault
2018-11-03Add vm_object_sync supportSamuel Thibault