AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-31GNU Mach 1.6v1.6Thomas Schwinge
2015-10-31Rework *.msgids handling when neither client nor server stubs are requiredThomas Schwinge
2015-10-05Update NEWS fileJustus Winter
2015-10-05Fix time going back in Xen caseSamuel Thibault
2015-10-05Add generated mach documentation files to gitignoreJoshua Branson
2015-09-29kern/slab: print total used and reclaimable memoryJustus Winter
2015-09-29kern/slab: include flags in the slab informationJustus Winter
2015-09-29ddb: fix line formattingJustus Winter
2015-09-29ddb: add new command `show slabinfo'Justus Winter
2015-09-27i386: trace syscalls of a single taskJustus Winter
2015-09-27i386: improve syscall tracingJustus Winter
2015-09-27Fix build with -DDEBUGJustus Winter
2015-09-27kern/bootstrap: drop into the debuggerJustus Winter
2015-09-19Add macros to convert between time_value_t and timespecFlávio Cruz
2015-09-07kern: use proper memory fences when handling the mapped timeJustus Winter
2015-09-07kern: fix loop reading the time valueJustus Winter
2015-09-07commit fce798016c4bd2be89b86b0d343ab54505409412Rik van Riel
2015-08-31Reserve 64k at beginning of memory, not just 4kSamuel Thibault
2015-08-30Fix printk not handling ANSI escape codesJames Clarke
2015-08-28Make sure the reply port's reference is released when the thread needs to be ...Flávio Cruz
2015-08-28Add a thread_no_continuation definitionFlávio Cruz
2015-08-20kern/bootstrap: tune lockingJustus Winter
2015-08-20i386: enable assertionsJustus Winter
2015-08-20kern: really zero-out unused simple lock info entriesJustus Winter
2015-08-18i386: fix panic messageJustus Winter
2015-08-18vm: collapse unreachable branch into assertionJustus Winter
2015-08-17kern: keep track of the writer when debugging locksJustus Winter
2015-08-17kern: improve simple lock debuggingJustus Winter
2015-08-17kern: disable the simple lock checks while debuggingJustus Winter
2015-08-15vm: fix compiler warningJustus Winter
2015-08-15vm: enable extra assertionsJustus Winter
2015-08-15Avoid re-defining macrosJustus Winter
2015-07-25kern: add boot-time clock, use it for time stampsJustus Winter
2015-07-25include: provide time-value substractionJustus Winter
2015-07-25kern/lock: make sure the macros are only used on simple locksJustus Winter
2015-07-25Disable the kernel tracing system XPRJustus Winter
2015-07-25ipc/space: inline reference countingJustus Winter
2015-07-25Make sure the field offsets are updatedJustus Winter
2015-07-20kern/bootstrap: deallocate threadJustus Winter
2015-07-19kern/bootstrap: deallocate taskJustus Winter
2015-07-18linux/net: fix build with -O0Justus Winter
2015-07-18kern/printf: do not serialize printf and coJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/lock: use compiler built-in functions to get return addressJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/bootstrap: fix lockingJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/slab: fix lockingJustus Winter
2015-07-15ipc: use a general lock to protect IPC spacesJustus Winter
2015-07-15ipc: fix the locking of the IPC entry allocation functionsJustus Winter
2015-07-15i386: fix typoJustus Winter
2015-07-12ipc: avoid kmem_allocJustus Winter
2015-07-12vm: really fix traversing the list of inactive pagesJustus Winter