AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-21kern/gdb: fix use of comcngetcmaster-gdb_stubsJustus Winter
2015-07-21Merge branch 'master' into master-gdb_stubsJustus Winter
2015-07-18linux/net: fix build with -O0Justus Winter
2015-07-18kern/printf: do not serialize printf and coJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/lock: use compiler built-in functions to get return addressJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/bootstrap: fix lockingJustus Winter
2015-07-18kern/slab: fix lockingJustus Winter
2015-07-15ipc: use a general lock to protect IPC spacesJustus Winter
2015-07-15ipc: fix the locking of the IPC entry allocation functionsJustus Winter
2015-07-15i386: fix typoJustus Winter
2015-07-12ipc: avoid kmem_allocJustus Winter
2015-07-12vm: really fix traversing the list of inactive pagesJustus Winter
2015-07-11kern: make sure the queue macros are only used on queuesJustus Winter
2015-07-11vm: fix traversing the list of inactive pagesJustus Winter
2015-07-10vm: drop debugging remnantsJustus Winter
2015-07-10kern: make printf handle long long integersJustus Winter
2015-07-09vm: fix panic messageJustus Winter
2015-07-09i386: fix line wrapping in the immediate consoleJustus Winter
2015-07-09kern: remove superfluous fileJustus Winter
2015-07-09kern: improve error handlingJustus Winter
2015-07-09Allow non-privileged tasks to wire 64KiB task memorySamuel Thibault
2015-07-07Fix build with -O0Samuel Thibault
2015-07-05Add missing distributed fileSamuel Thibault
2015-06-30Fix re-configuring out-of-tree buildsJustus Winter
2015-06-30Fix restoring interrupts on timeoutSamuel Thibault
2015-06-29Print about powered-down AHCI portsSamuel Thibault
2015-06-28ddb: automatically display stack tracesJustus Winter
2015-06-28i386: improve the immediate consoleJustus Winter
2015-06-26i386: add commentJustus Winter
2015-06-20kern: fix error handlingJustus Winter
2015-06-09kern: add function attributes to the printf-functionsJustus Winter
2015-06-05Fix typoFlávio Cruz
2015-06-05Use custom port macros.Flávio Cruz
2015-05-31ipc: fix typoJustus Winter
2015-05-31Include the notify protocol in `gnumach.msgids'Justus Winter
2015-05-29kern: fix argument handlingJustus Winter
2015-05-23Restrict `-fno-strict-aliasing' to the Linux driversJustus Winter
2015-05-23i386: avoid breaking the strict-aliasing rulesJustus Winter
2015-05-23kern: avoid breaking the strict-aliasing rulesJustus Winter
2015-05-23vm: drop unused `kmem_realloc'Justus Winter
2015-05-23Add stdint integer types in Linux glueSamuel Thibault
2015-05-22ipc: drop remnants of the IPC tablesJustus Winter
2015-05-22ipc: drop size parameter from `ipc_space_create'Justus Winter
2015-05-20ipc: inline key ipc entry lookup functionsJustus Winter
2015-05-20ipc: replace the IPC table with a radix treeJustus Winter
2015-05-20ipc: replace reverse hash table with a radix treeJustus Winter
2015-05-20ipc: undo manual inlining of `ipc_entry_X' functionsJustus Winter
2015-05-20kern: add radix tree libraryJustus Winter
2015-05-20kern: gracefully handle resource shortageJustus Winter
2015-05-20vm: gracefully handle resource shortageJustus Winter