AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-05Revert "fix: added lapic as extern"0.0.10_2AlmuHS
2019-10-05Revert "lapic: reenabled lapic version message"AlmuHS
2019-10-05Revert "refactor: moved BSP's apic_id initialization to c_boot_entry"AlmuHS
2019-10-04refactor: removed unnecesary dummyf function0.0.10_10.0.10AlmuHS
2019-10-04fix: only reserve lapic in SMP modeAlmuHS
2019-10-04fix: removed interrupt_stack_alloc() call in i386at_init(). Solved error in n...AlmuHS
2019-10-03Revert "fix: add shift 24 in apic id"AlmuHS
2019-10-03Revert "fix: add shift 24 in apic id"AlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: add shift 24 in apic idAlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: add shift 24 in apic idAlmuHS
2019-10-03refactor: moved BSP's apic_id initialization to c_boot_entryAlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: added lapic as externAlmuHS
2019-10-03lapic: reenabled lapic version messageAlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: disable paging temporary mapping even if ncpu = 1AlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: removed apic2kernel access in extra_setup()AlmuHS
2019-10-03fix: map lapic even ncpu = 1AlmuHS
2019-10-03refactor: remove dummyfAlmuHS
2019-10-03refactor: removed dummyf call during startup IPIAlmuHS
2019-10-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/wip' into wipAlmuHS
2019-10-03refactor: disable dummyf callAlmuHS
2019-10-03refactor: disable dummyf callAlmuHS
2019-10-03docs: described acpi rdsp structuresAlmuHS
2019-09-07fix: initialize BSP's APIC ID in apic2kernelAlmuHS
2019-09-07fix: stack out of indexAlmuHS
2019-09-01improve: added ldt loading after boot cpuAlmuHS
2019-07-13debug: added a high delay before start another cpuAlmuHS
2019-07-09fix: check ncpu > 1 before start APAlmuHS
2019-07-09removed idle loop in cpu_setup failAlmuHS
2019-07-09improve: add call to flush TLBAlmuHS
2019-07-09experiment: reenable mutex in cpu_setup()AlmuHS
2019-07-09docs: added solution to little stack problemAlmuHS
2019-07-09docs: update paging sectionAlmuHS
2019-07-08refactor: removed unnecessary pushAlmuHS
2019-07-08refactor: removed cpu_number() useless callAlmuHS
2019-07-08experiment: disable mutex in cpu_setup()AlmuHS
2019-07-08fix: remove shift 24 in machine_slot apic_idAlmuHS
2019-07-08refactor: removed paging code from assembly routineAlmuHS
2019-07-08experiment: move paging enabling to CAlmuHS
2019-07-08experiment: added mutex in cpu_setupAlmuHS
2019-07-08experiment: initialize ktss in AP processorAlmuHS
2019-07-04docs: added paging and cpu to kernelAlmuHS
2019-07-04fix: initialized gdt and idt to final valuesAlmuHS
2019-06-29fix: removed shift 240.0.9AlmuHS
2019-06-27fix: disabled call to slave_main()AlmuHS
2019-06-27fix: removed parameter in slave_main callAlmuHS
2019-06-27fix: recovered cpu_number() call to get current cpuAlmuHS
2019-06-27fix: recovered cpu_number() call to get current cpuAlmuHS
2019-06-27Revert "experiment: uncomment call to slave_main()"AlmuHS
2019-06-27experiment: uncomment call to slave_main()AlmuHS
2019-06-27experiment: undone shift in apic_idAlmuHS