AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-13Use host_get_time64 in glue codeHEADmasterFlavio Cruz
2023-03-13Use c_string to define host_get_kernel_version and host_get_kernel_boot_info.Flavio Cruz
2023-03-12Update thread and task creation time to use time_value64_tFlavio Cruz
2023-03-11ioapic: Timer calibrated in 10 mach ticksDamien Zammit
2023-03-08Align mach_msg_type_t and mach_msg_type_long_t with the same alignment as uin...Flavio Cruz
2023-03-07lock_mon: Fix warningsSamuel Thibault
2023-03-07kern: Fix MACH_LOCK_MON lock monitoring debugDamien Zammit
2023-03-07apic: Drop declaration of inexisting functionSamuel Thibault
2023-03-07lapic timer: Calibrate via mach timer not PITDamien Zammit
2023-02-27Support alignment requirements for a 64 bit kernel.Flavio Cruz
2023-02-27x86_64: fix user trap during syscall with an invalid user stackLuca Dariz
2023-02-27fix port name copyinLuca Dariz
2023-02-27fix copyin/outmsg header for ! USER32Luca Dariz
2023-02-27x86_64: allow compilation if ! USER32Luca Dariz
2023-02-26lapic timer: Calibrate based on 10 PIT sleeps for 10msDamien Zammit
2023-02-26pit: Use corrected clock frequencyDamien Zammit
2023-02-26pit: Fix shadowed hz variable && define modes correctlyDamien Zammit
2023-02-25kd_mouse: Fix IBM mouse irq getting stuck and blocking consoleDamien Zammit
2023-02-20Delete include/mach/msg_type.hFlavio Cruz
2023-02-19model_dep: Call acpi_apic_init if APIC definedDamien Zammit
2023-02-16x86_64: set user segments as 64-bit if ! USER32Luca Dariz
2023-02-16x86_64: fix argument passing to bootstrap modules if ! USER32Luca Dariz
2023-02-16x86_64: load Elf64 bootstrap modules if ! USER32Luca Dariz
2023-02-16x86_64: fix some compiler warningsLuca Dariz
2023-02-16trap: Fix Wformat issuesDamien Zammit
2023-02-16intr: Simplify clearing after intr port deallocationSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15Document spl levels of locks taken during interruptsSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15Define prototype for bogus in gensym.awkFlavio Cruz
2023-02-15Rename efl to rfl for x86_64 in struct i386_thread_stateFlavio Cruz
2023-02-15pmap: Make mapwindow per CPUSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15timer: Fix atomicity of timer readsSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15Add missing init_fpu() for APsDamien Zammit
2023-02-15smp: Fix more busy loopsSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15pmap: Do not TLB shootdown IPI for mapwindow updatesSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15pmap: Fix busy loop waiting for pmap usersSamuel Thibault
2023-02-15pmap: Do not send TLB flush IPI when a cpu is idleSamuel Thibault
2023-02-14linux: Fix non-SMP buildSamuel Thibault
2023-02-14Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2023-02-14Remove verbose debug printfsDamien Zammit
2023-02-14Make curr_ipl[] per cpuDamien Zammit
2023-02-13pmap: Signal cpu for TLB update if kernel_pmapDamien Zammit
2023-02-13interrupt.S: Dont change ipl for pmap_update_interruptDamien Zammit
2023-02-13x86_64: Fix broken int_stack_baseDamien Zammit
2023-02-13cpu_number: Short circuit if smp init not doneDamien Zammit
2023-02-13mp_desc: Add missing setting PAE mode on APSamuel Thibault
2023-02-13i386: Refactor int stacks to be per cpu for SMPDamien Zammit
2023-02-13Make mach_msg_header_t have the same size for both 64 bit kernel and userland.Flavio Cruz
2023-02-13time_value: Fix rpc_time_value_t compatibility.Samuel Thibault
2023-02-12Add x86_64 registers to i386_thread_stateFlavio Cruz