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  Robby Zambito 888077c807 Merge pull request 'v0.1.1: Basic animations, comfortable margins on mobile' (#11) from dev into master 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 9ba979682e Merge pull request 'Added fade transition to router view.' (#10) from 7-animate-page-switching-fade into dev 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 6bdb89d125 Added fade transition to router view. 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 50f9e808ab Merge pull request 'Fixed mobile container margin' (#9) from 8-mobile-container-margin into dev 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 63c44f4de0 Fixed mobile container margin 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 93aa73e646 Bumped version 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 713244ca36 Added links to git, flickr, and write. 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 6c2344b4dc Merge pull request 'Added fix to stick footer to the bottom of the page.' (#6) from 3-footer-should-stick-to-bottom into master 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 392acc8e90 Added fix to stick footer to the bottom of the page. 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito 55e489a34e Removed padding from navbar. 1 day ago
  Robby Zambito b308fd5033 Added favicon 6 days ago
  Robby Zambito a1ad16c775 Added Mastodon link 6 days ago
  Robby Zambito 1c7c80be65 Added meaningful tagline 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito f614fce822 Merge pull request 'Added contact info' (#4) from 2-add-contact-information into master 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 289d2fcda4 Added contact info 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 01128fdde2 Added content to the footer. Broke styling into independet scss files. 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 9d7a6bf538 Switched blog to vue router link instead of link to write subdomain. Added footer. Changed color scheme. 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 2717f876c3 Created dark green theme, added link to blog 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 5867220bd4 Installed dependencies and stared setting up the site layout 1 week ago
  Robby Zambito 4cf4176d77 init 1 week ago