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## Core latex/pdflatex auxiliary files:

## Intermediate documents:
# these rules might exclude image files for figures etc.
# *.ps
# *.eps
# *.pdf

## Generated if empty string is given at "Please type another file name for output:"

## Bibliography auxiliary files (bibtex/biblatex/biber):

## Build tool auxiliary files:

## Build tool directories for auxiliary files
# latexrun

## Auxiliary and intermediate files from other packages:
# algorithms

# achemso

# amsthm

# beamer

# changes

# comment

# cprotect

# elsarticle (documentclass of Elsevier journals)

# endnotes

# fixme

# feynmf/feynmp


# glossaries

# uncomment this for glossaries-extra (will ignore makeindex's style files!)
# *.ist

# gnuplottex

# gregoriotex

# htlatex

# hyperref

# knitr
# TODO Uncomment the next line if you use knitr and want to ignore its generated tikz files
# *.tikz

# listings

# luatexja-ruby

# makeidx

# minitoc

# minted

# morewrites

# nomencl

# pax

# pdfpcnotes

# sagetex

# scrwfile

# sympy

# pdfcomment

# pythontex

# tcolorbox

# thmtools

# TikZ & PGF

# todonotes

# vhistory

# easy-todo

# xcolor

# xmpincl

# xindy

# xypic precompiled matrices and outlines

# endfloat

# Latexian

## Editors:
# WinEdt

# Texpad

# LyX

# Kile

# gummi

# KBibTeX

# TeXnicCenter

# auto folder when using emacs and auctex

# expex forward references with \gathertags

# standalone packages

# Makeindex log files

# xwatermark package

# REVTeX puts footnotes in the bibliography by default, unless the nofootinbib
# option is specified. Footnotes are the stored in a file with suffix Notes.bib.
# Uncomment the next line to have this generated file ignored.

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\setmainfont{Ubuntu Light}

\graphicspath{ {./images/} }



\definecolor{bannerbgcolor}{rgb}{0.6627, 0.9647, 0.7960}
\newtcbox{\bannerbox}{on line,
colframe=bannerbgcolor, colback=bannerbgcolor,
boxrule=0.5pt, arc=5pt, boxsep=0pt, left=1em, right=2pt, top=1em, bottom=1em}


\begin{tabular}{@{}l @{} l}

\textbf{Email: } &\\
\textbf{Phone: } & (315) 935-4551\\
\textbf{Site: } &\\
\textbf{Github: } &\\
\textbf{LinkedIn: } &






\author{Robby Zambito}


My primary interest is in developing decentralized applications that are designed to respect the needs of the user. During my time at SUNY Polytechnic Institute I engaged in research with Dr.\ Jorge Novillo with a focus on the development of privacy-respecting decentralized applications. I also have experience working in industry using both Typescript and Java.

\section{Technical Skills}


Java, Scala, Javascript / \\ Typescript, Python, Haskell, C / C++, SQL / PostgreSQL, \\ Matlab, Elixir


\subsection{Deployment \& Frameworks}
ReactJS, OSGi, Play \\ Framework, Bootstrap, \\ HandlebarsJS, Heroku, AWS, Vultr
\subsection{Other Competencies}
Git, Github / Bitbucket, JavaFX, \\ Nginx, Arduino, Akka, Apache Spark, Decentralized Applications, Linux Development


\section{Work Experience and Projects}
\subsection{BAE - Software Engineering Intern}
\textit{May 2019} \\
\noindent Restructured the system for handling user roles and permissions to be more extensible in the future. Acted as a part of a team working on various bug and initiative work.

\subsection{Othello AI}
\textit{Nov 2019} \\
\noindent I implemented a command line version of the game Othello, and then created an AI to play against the user. The system would take the current game state, and a function scoring each possible move, and select the move with the highest score. The difficulty of the AI could be tweaked by replacing the function.


\subsection{CoveyCS - Software Engineering Intern}
\textit{Jan 2019} \\
\noindent Worked on several projects on teams with other interns. One project was to consume an existing API, and display the data in a PDF. Another project was to research solutions for modelling existing data stored in a graph database using a relational database. I researched Postgres and the ltree extension as a potential solution.

\subsection{SUNY Polytechnic Institute, BS in Computer Science}

Graduation Date: July 2020
\subsection{Noteworthy Coursework}
Independent Study in blockchain technology and its applications including and beyond cryptocurrency. Applied machine learning and neural networks in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence classes. Learned about the origins and the application of modern security protocols in my Cryptography class.
\begin{itemize}[noitemsep, itemindent=-1.1em]
\item President's Excellence List: SP 20, SP 19
\item President's Achievement List: FA 19, FA 18,\\ FA 17
\item Progressive Achievement Award in 2017
\begin{itemize}[noitemsep, itemindent=-1.1em]
\item Senior Editor of Genesis Yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year
\item Junior Editor of Genesis Yearbook for the Spring 2019 semester
\item Photographer for Genesis Yearbook for the Spring and Fall semesters of 2018
\item Previously ran 400m hurdles in track


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